Custom High End Solutions

As a young and dynamic team, we digitalise and automate your business processes by creating sustainable and profitable software.

Every company is unique. We recognise the importance of tailoring our approach to your specific needs. We work closely with you to determine the most effective approach to move your business forward.

Our Values

Our values guide us in our work as a team as well as with our clients. Harmonious teamwork leads to increased productivity and room for creativity, from which our clients benefit.

Quality & Sustainability

Quality is central to the delivery of IT projects, as it reduces costs, improves usability and eases future development. That is why we focus on quality assurance processes and the highest quality.

Authenticity & Transparency

Authenticity and transparency build trust and are the foundation of our relationships with customers, partners and employees.

Professionalism & Responsibility

We are skilled, innovative, flexible and operate responsible. This enables us to develop professional and sustainable solutions for our clients.

Meet our team

Our team consists of motivated and dedicated individuals with different strengths and skills that complement each other seamlessly. Our values unite us and guide us in our work.


Timur Gautschi

Founder & CEO

Cristina Tabarana

Cristina Tabarana

UX / UI Design

Bosco Adolpha

Bosco Adolpha

Chief Security Officer

Natalia Kruk

Natalia Kruk

Testing Engineer

Natascha Wernli

Natascha Wernli

Software Engineer

Johannes Gasser

Johannes Gasser

Senior Software Engineer & Technical Lead


Dornacherstrasse 210
4053 Basel
+41 61 589 67 00


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